There are quite a few musical references to the original series and the movies, including a remixed version of the show's iconic theme song.

Carrie's cellphone has an absentee-voter sticker on it.

Carrie and Mr. Big still bond over old records and wine.

In another reference, Mr. Big jokes about when Carrie used to keep her sweaters in her oven.

Carrie still refers to her shoes as "lovers."

There's also a reference to cosmos, a cocktail popularized by the show, in the first episode.

Carrie still has her old apartment, which she lets Stanford stay at whenever he and Anthony are in a fight.

Samantha is living in London after being fired as Carrie's publicist.

Julie Halston returns to her role of Bitsy von Muffling.

Bitsy's piano-bar-performer husband, Bobby Fine, who was played by Nathan Lane, died during the pandemic.

Susan Sharon, played by Molly Price, also comes back in the second episode of "And Just Like That."

Charlotte's Cavalier King Charles spaniel from the original series, Elizabeth Taylor, is no longer with the family.

Mr. Big's favorite Peloton instructor Allegra is played by a real-life instructor.

Carrie wears the blue Manolo Blahnik heels she wore during her proposal and her courthouse wedding to Mr. Big.

Mr. Big dies after having a heart attack — in the sixth season of "Sex and the City," it was established he had a heart condition that required surgery.

Charlotte later brings a grieving Carrie three international editions of Vogue.