16  Pics Proving That Real Love Has No Boundaries


1. This homeless man created a safe home for his dog.

2. “Our blind cat is snuggling my daughter’s toy because it smells like her.”

3. ’’He fell in love with a cow today.’’

4. ’’I helped this moose after its mom got hit, and it came back and kissed me 2 years later.’’

5. ’’My 93-year-old great-grandfather used to always say, ’Women love puppies.’ Here’s a picture of him.’’

6. ’’My daughter and my best friend’s son have been inseparable since the day he was born.’’

7. ’’My 90-year-old grandpa didn’t move from this spot for 4 days after Grandma’s open-heart surgery.’’

8. ’’The love of my life and our height disparity’’

9. “While my wife was pregnant, our cat would not allow her to be out of sight. He’d lay his head on her belly every morning.”

10. ’’At 90 years old, my grandpa still insists on cooking my birthday fry for me.’’

11. “My buddy’s reaction the first time he saw his friend after some time spent apart”

12. ’’This orangutan noticed my grandfather’s amputated leg and ran up, hugged, and kissed him. He didn’t want to leave his side.’’

13. ’’My 92-year-old grandmother is under hospice care. Her best friend never leaves her side.’’

14. A 12-year-old pit bull got a new and very unlikely friend!

15. “My dog’s bestie peeked through the bush to see him.”

16. ’’My 10-month-old son found love at the splash pad today.’’

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