16 Celebrity Fathers That Have Talented Sons


1. Val Kilmer and Jack Kilmer

2. Nicolas Cage and Weston Cage

3. Jack Nicholson and Ray Nicholson

4. Robert Downey Jr. and Indio Falconer Downey

5. David Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham

6. Jackie Chan and Jaycee Chan

7. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kristopher Van Varenberg

8. Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise

9. Denzel Washington and John David Washington

10. Gary Busey and Jake Busey

11. Will Smith and Trey Smith

12. Damon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr.

13. David Bowie and Duncan Jones

14. Don Johnson and Jesse Johnson

15. Pierce Brosnan and Dylan Brosnan

16. Stephen King and Joe Hill

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