15 Things You Should Know Before Watching "Moon Knight."


1. The main character, Marc Spector aka Moon Knight, has dissociative identity disorder.

2. Oscar Isaac called on his brother to stand in and act opposite him to make it easier to play the alter egos of Moon Knight.

3. Moon Knight's alter ego Steven Grant appears in both the comic books and the series, but his other identity, Jake Lockley, won't appear in the show.

4. Oscar Isaac recently spoke out in support of Disney employees protesting the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

5. Ethan Hawke, who stars as Arthur Harrow, says Oscar Isaac got him his role in the show.

6. The character of Arthur Harrow is mainly created for the show, and believed to be an amalgamation of other characters from the comic books, like Sun King and Morning Star.

7. Ethan Hawke is no stranger to comics – he recently released a graphic novel, Meadowlark, which is actually his fifth published novel and second graphic novel.

8. Ethan Hawke said he drew inspiration for his character from infamous cult leaders and Steve Jobs.

9. Moon Knight makes appearances in a bunch of Marvel video games.

10. The show was largely filmed in Budapest.

11. Egyptian representation was important to Moon Knight's director, Mohamed Diab, who criticized the way Egypt was depicted in Wonder Woman 1984.

12. The show was written and produced by Jeremy Slater, whose work you may have seen before.

13. Moon Knight is often compared to DC's Batman.

14. Moon Knight is expected to be darker in material than other Marvel shows on Disney+.

15. The series is a long time coming – Moon Knight was expected to be introduced on-screen back in 2006.

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