15 Hidden Secrets Of Taylor Swift


1. She Can Play More Than Four Instruments

2. Taylor Swift never attended college, but she finished high school and maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her High School Life.

3. She has a Younger Brother, and his name is Austin Swift, who is an actor too.

4. During the late 90s, the “Wildest Dreams” singer had issues with her cornea and had to wear thick glasses to get a typical vision.

5. Rumor has it that her song “Innocent” from Speak Now was supposedly influenced by Kanye.

6. Stabbed in the Back/Betrayed

7. Beef with Katy Perry

8. Using “Fake Taylors.”

9. She Sneaked Into Her Friend’s Class and Her Brother’s Dorm

10. Owns all the Writing Credits of Her Songs

11. She Secretly Sends Flowers and Presents to Some of Her Fans

12. She Admits Living an Abnormal Life

13. There is a rumour that she has secret meetings with her fans, and there is a theory that she donated 4000 dollars to a fan

14. Too Gorgeous to be Drawn by a Sketch Artist

15. She is an Actor as Well

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