15 Facts You Should Know About Jungkook 


1. Jungkook is the band's youngest member and has a unique nickname.

2. Before becoming a worldwide sensation, Jungkook auditioned in a talent show.

3. His fans have gifted a piece of land in his name.

4. He is the youngest to receive two renowned accolades from South Korea.

5. Jungkook has a sweater named after him.

6. The singer Jungkook has a minimum of 18 tattoos.

7. Jungkook was ranked the most handsome face in the world.

8. Jungkook has a tiny permanent scar on his face.

9. Jungkook has an adorable white Maltese pet doggo.

10. Jungkook has a habit of wiggling his fingers and sniffling.

11. Jungkook was offered to take up a stage name that depicted the symbol of his native city.

12. The fifth member to join the boyband.

13. Jungkookbroke all the records by having the most likes on his tweets.

14. Jungkook wanted to become a professional badminton player when he was younger.

15. Jungkook started high school a year later than his classmates.

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