14 Questions To Ask, Before Importing Dog To Australia 


If you feel overwhelmed and wonder where to start importing your dog to Australia, do not worry; you have come to the right place.

It is always fascinating to import international breeds to the native countries, but it is also important to note the problems we may face.

Here are the questions you must answer before importing it to Australia.

1. What is the duration of quarantine? How long will my dog be in quarantine in Australia? and where will the quarantine take place.  

2. How long does the process of importing a dog to Australia take?

3. Not all the dogs are ready to import. Check your dog's eligibility to be imported to Australia.

4. Check your dog's health and best interest

5. How much does it cost to move a dog to Australia?

6. Should you use a pet transport company to import my dog to Australia

7. Dogs must fly in the hold to travel to Australia. Check the timings and the jet lag issues.

8. Your dog will need an approved flight crate to fly to Australia

9. Check the tablets. Should you sedate my dog for the flight?

10. Moving a dog to Australia should be permanent

11. How can I save money when importing my dog to Australia?

12. Can I visit my dog in quarantine in Australia?

13. How to avoid pet quarantine in Australia?

14. Can you import other pets to Australia?

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