14 Celebrities Who Gave Up Their Careers to Become Moms

celebrities who have sacrificed successful careers to devote their lives to family.

1. Uma Thurman

One of the favourite roles of actress and star of Kill Bill, Uma Thurman, is being a mom to 3 kids.

2. Jessica Biel

one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood until she met, Justin Timberlake. The couple is raising 2 sons.

3. Jessica

Music sensation in the ‘90s and ‘00s until she decided to give up her musical career. Now she is a full-time mom of 3.

4. Nicole Richie

Popular for starring on the reality show, The Simple Life, After getting married, she became a happy wife and mom to 2 children.

5. Leelee Sobieski

After starring in hits, Sobieski left Hollywood. She is a respected figure in the art community and a full-time mom of 2.

6. Hilary Duff

teen idol for her role on the television. After giving birth to her first child, she decided to put her TV career on pause.

7. Christina

When Aguilera gave birth to her first child, she pulled herself away from the limelight. Now she is a mother of 2

8. Alicia Keys

She got married in 2010 and, since then, gave birth to 2 children.

9. Elizabeth

Hurley gave birth to a single child in 2002. As she commented herself, she decided to put her son “above work.

10. Robin Wright

After the huge success of the Forest Gump film, she forfeited fame to raise her 2 children.

11. Lauryn Hill

It is worth noting that Hill is a champion mom on our list,  she has 6 children!

12. Debra Winger

nominated for Oscars 3 times. But she decided to give up her acting success for some time to raise 3 sons.

13. Phoebe Cates

After giving birth to 2 children, Cates, along with her husband who is also an actor, decided to “alternate acting roles”.

14. Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet is a mother of 3 and an American actress who starred in 2 of comedian Bill Cosby’s.

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