14 Amazing Old Pictures Of Dolly Parton


Parton poses for a studio portrait in Nashville, Tennessee.

Photographer Richard E. Aaron captures Parton performing onstage.

Comedian John Belushi and Parton embrace.

Parton at a press reception at the Hilton Hotel in London.

Parton and Linda Ronstadt backstage at the Oakland Coliseum.

Parton during an interview with talk-show host Johnny Carson.

Parton poses as a Playboy bunny in Los Angeles.

Parton and Cher on the ABC TV special Cher.

Parton with Sterling Hayden in 9 to 5.

Parton doing press for the film Rhinestone.

Parton on the variety show Dolly.

Parton and The Chippendales on Dolly.

Parton poses for a portrait at Dollywood.

Parton with Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, Sally Field, and Julia Roberts at the Steel Magnolias premiere.

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