12 Little Known Facts About Carmen Electra


1. Electra Began Her Dancing Career At An Amusement Park

2. Electra was merely 18 when she dated the "Cream" singer.

3. Electra Went From Homelessness To The Mountain's Peak

4. The Death Of Her Mother undermined Electra's Meteoric Rise.

5. Electra's Sister Died The Same Month As Her Mother

6. Carmen Electra Has Appeared In Playboy 44 Times

7. Electra Had A Wild, Yet Brief Marriage To An NBA Legend

8. Electra Had A MTV Reality Show With Her Second Husband

9. Simon Cowell Cheated On Electra, Yes, You Read That Right

10. Electra Was Engaged To One Guy For 4 Years

11. Electra Appeared In Nearly 40 Movies

12. Electra launched her music career with a self-titled album.

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