10 Simple Solutions To Your Everyday Problems


1. Lending something to someone? Take their picture with the item you lent them.

2. If you are stuck on an annoying call, put your phone on aeroplane mode instead of just hanging up.

3. If you are making eggs and a piece of an eggshell falls in, use an eggshell to get it out.

4. If you are at an event with your kids, take a picture of them. If by some chance they get lost, you have a picture that shows what they look like and what they were wearing.

5. Put your necklaces through a straw and fasten them so they will not get tangled when travelling.

6. Do not throw out used butter wrappers; fold them in half and put them in your fridge. Next time you need to grease a pan, grab your pre-buttered wrapper and coat the pan.

7. During a job interview, if offered a glass of water, accept it. When you get asked a difficult question, take a sip for some extra seconds before answering.

8. Freeze a block of cheese for 30 minutes before shredding it. It will shred quicker, smoother, and not chunk up on the shredder.

9. If someone does not shut up, drop something; they will pause when you pick it up. Use that time to speak as you pick up whatever you dropped.

10. Whenever you lend a pen to someone, give only a pen without its cap. They will return the pen for sure.

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