10 Shocking Secrets Of Oscars


1. The red carpet is not red - it’s a secret color that is exclusive to the Oscars.

2. Nominees get a pair of complimentary tickets, but they must pay for their additional guests.

3. Actor nominees are chosen based on the top 5 rankings given by the Academy members.

4. The seating arrangement follows a hierarchy, and expected winners are placed in a special spot.

5. Empty seats during the telecast are not allowed, so fillers are hired to occupy the space.

6. Only two people know who the winners are before the envelopes are opened.

7. Oscar winners do not receive a cash prize, but they can boost their earnings by up to 60%.

8. There’s a “consolation” bag for other nominees, and it’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

9. The Academy makes pre-engraved plaques for all the nominees and just screws on the winner’s plate after the event.

10. The golden Oscar statuette is not made of gold, and is only valued at $1.

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