10 Interesting Facts About Kissing


1. The Word Kiss Is Based on a Sound: The word kiss is said to be derived from the Germanic word kuss.

2. Not Everybody Likes to Lock Lips: Kissing in public is deemed taboo in many Asian cultures, and French kissing was initially a slur on the French.

3. Kissing Calms You Down: In men, this encourages testosterone to build up to promote feelings of protectiveness.

4. Kissing is Addicting: That is because a compound in human saliva serves to create a feeling of addiction.

5. Your Brain Likes Kissing New People: That lovely hormone that gets you addicted floods your system whenever you kiss a new partner.

6. Kissing is Healthy: Boosts the immune system because you share germs. In a healthy situation, your body reacts to the kissing.

7. The Kiss of Death is Real: Ever kissed someone and felt nothing? That is because your body tells you that person is not a suitable mate.

8. Kissing Makes Relationships Last: 45% of people in long term relationships report higher satisfaction levels if they just keep making out.

9. Bad Kissers Do not Get Laid: Women place more importance on kissing than any other romantic skill.

10. Kissing Takes Effort: You move at least 34 facial muscles during a kiss. It also involves at least 112 other muscles.

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