10 Fashion Facts You Need To Know


1. The world uses an estimated 80 billion pieces of clothing every year, a 400 percent increase from two decades ago.

2. One in three young women, the most significant segment of consumers, consider garments worn once or twice to be old.

3. Fast Fashion companies design clothes that fall apart quickly. They pursue a strategy called 'planned obsolescence.'

4. 93% of brands surveyed by the Fashion Checker are not paying garment workers a living wage.

5. 80% of all garment workers are women.

6. Fashion Industry Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,138 people and injuring 2,500 people.

7. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions.

8. The textile sector is responsible for 10 to 20% of pesticide use.

9. Less than 11% of brands implement recycling strategies for their items.

10. Extending the life of clothes by just nine months of active use would reduce carbon, water, and waste footprints by 20-30% each.

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