10 Biggest Takeaways From Janet Jackson's Revealing Documentary


1. The Jackson family experienced racism when they moved to Los Angeles in 1969.

2. Her body image issues were often exacerbated by her siblings.

3. Her first marriage was an attempt to gain independence.

4. She finally shut down long-standing rumors of a secret baby with James DeBarge.

5. Paula Abdul helped Jackson find her star power through dance.

6. "Rhythm Nation 1814" was considered a commercial risk due to its socially conscious themes.

7. Jackson's ex-husband, René Elizondo Jr., inspired her sexier image circa the early '90s.

8. She felt guilty by association following child molestation allegations against brother Michael Jackson.

9. There was a shift in her relationship with brother Michael after "Thriller."

10. She urged Justin Timberlake to stay silent amid the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show controversy.

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