10 Biggest Failures Of Elon Musk For GOOD


1. Elon Musk applied to Netscape but was turned down.

2. Musk was fired as CEO of Zip2, the company he founded. 

3. The first PayPal product was voted one of the ten worst business ideas. 

4. Musk crashed his McLaren F1 worth $1 million.

5. While traveling to Brazil and South Africa, Elon Musk nearly died of malaria.

6. During his honeymoon, Musk was expelled from PayPal.

7. SpaceX’s first rocket launch ever exploded.

8. The Tesla Model S was dangerous to drive due to spontaneous battery combustion.

9. Due to manufacturing issues, Tesla Model X deliveries were held for 18 months.

10. The fifth rocket explosion with Facebook’s satellites in Africa on the rocket that cost $300 million was also noteworthy!

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