this pc must support TPM 2.0 error in windows 11

TPM 2.0 windows 11 Error – Windows 11 – [SOLVED]

People are rushing to download the ISO file of Windows 11, and few are successful in downloading, and few are not.

Technical Experts who downloaded the Windows 11 ISO file are coming across errors while installing Windows 11.

The errors while installing Windows 11:

  • [ this pc must support TPM 2.0 error ]
  • [ this pc must support secure boot ]

Let us look at how to remove this pc must support TPM 2.0 error and start using Windows 11

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module for starters, which provides additional hardware-based security built inside the processor.

For example, installing Windows 11 on a computer without TPM 2.0 makes the following errors occur – This PC cannot run Windows 11, and The PC must support TPM 2.0.

This error is not for the users who have a PC with Intel’s 4th gen or above processor, but this process solves the error if anybody does not.

Assuming already have an ISO file in USB Hard Drive or Pendrive

Step 1: Let us use the gb update command and update the user policy.

  • Go to Task Manager
  • In the file menu, click on the file and run the new task.
  • Click on browse
  • Go to This PC
  • Next chose (C:)
  • Click on the Windows folder.
  • Then, click on the System32 folder.
  • and then chose cmd.exe file
  • Click on OK
  • In the black dialogue box, type gpupdate
  • Hit Enter
  • Once the use policy is updated successfully
  • Type Exit

The step 1 is explained in the video below to make it easier to understand.

Step 1 – This PC must Support TPM 2.0 – Windows 11

Step 2: Download two files appraiserres.dll and dllme.txt

  • appraiserres.dll
  • dllme.txt

These two files are in a zip folder, and They can be extracted anywhere on the desktop.

Download these files by clicking the download button below.

The step 2 is explained in the video below to make it easier to understand.

Step 2: Download appraiserres.dll and dllme.txt files

Step 3: Replace the downloaded files with files present in the source folder of the USB device 

  • Go the USB 
  • Find folder source 
  • Click on it
  • Copy the already downloaded files, Namely: appraiserres.dll and dllme.txt
  • Paste it in the source folder 
  • The dialogue box appears asking to replace the files
  • Click on replace 

The step 3 is explained in the video below to make it easier to understand.

Step 3: Replace the downloaded files

Step 4: Close all the tabs

  • Open USB
  • Click on Setup.exe
  • Setup should start
  • There we go!

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