The Crown - Season 5 Netflix FREE

The Crown – Season 5 Netflix FREE

The Crown Season 5 will return for more royal drama next year, fresh off its impressive sweep at the 73rd annual Emmy Awards.

Netflix announced that The Crown would return for Season 5 in November 2022 during its Tudum fan event on Saturday.

In a video from the show set, Imelda Staunton, who will be playing Queen Elizabeth, made the announcement.

The Crown was supposed to end with the fifth season, but series creator Peter Morgan changed his mind, revealing that the Emmy-winning drama will end with the sixth instalment.

What Is The Plot Of The Crown Season 5?

Season 5 of The Crown is set to focus on the life of the British Royal Family in the 1990s and early 2000s.

According to Cosmopolitan, the queen’s address on the 40th anniversary of her ascension in 1992, which she famously dubbed as her “annus horribilis,” is likely to be covered.

The breakup of numerous royal marriages, notably Prince Andrew’s divorce from Sarah Ferguson, Princess Anne’s divorce from Captain Mark Phillips, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s 1996 divorce, are all expected to be strongly featured.

Diana’s controversial tell-all book, Diana: Her True Story, was published in 1992, and the explosive interview Princess Diana gave to Martin Bashir on BBC One’s Panorama is likely to be included.

According to RadioTimes, the Princess of Wales’s death, which occurred tragically in 1997, will also be included.

In other instances, series creator Peter Morgan follows a rigorous approach to choosing what to show.

“Working out what to leave and what to put in is the portion of the writing process that takes me the longest,” Morgan told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I like to think that is the secret element that makes The Crown what it is.”

Morgan and the writing team spend “at least nine months” researching before producing the actual script.

“History is so reductive, even recent history, and so many jewels vanish into a black hole.”

According to him, Morgan enjoys highlighting “surprises, ignored stories,” as well as “iconic events” such as marriages, elections, and assassinations.

According to Morgan, those hoping to see a dramatization of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s notorious expulsion from the royal family will be disappointed.

“I know how my show is going to finish,” he told Entertainment Weekly, “but it is a long time before where we are now.” “Let us wait another 20 years to see what people have to say about Meghan Markle.

At the moment, I am not sure what to say about Meghan Markle. So I would not know and would not make any assumptions.”

If Morgan changes his mind, Harry already has a casting recommendation.

In an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, he expressed interest in having Billions star Damien Lewis play him in a future season.

“I am far more at ease watching The Crown than I am reading about my family, my wife, or myself.

Take it as you like, but that is fiction, but it is being published as fact, “Harry informed Corden.

“I have a serious problem with that.”

The Crown - Season 5 Netflix FREE
The Crown – Season 5 Netflix FREE

The Crown Season 6

“As we discussed the plots for Series 5, it became evident that in order to do justice to the story’s richness and complexity, we needed to go back to the original concept and complete six seasons,” Morgan told the publication. “To be clear, Series 6 will not bring us any closer to the present – it will only allow us to go deeper into the same period.”


Season 5 began filming in July, with a brand-new cast.

  • Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth
  • Lesley Manville plays Princess Margaret
  • Jonathan Pryce plays Prince Philip
  • Jonny Lee Miller plays John Major
  • Dominic West plays Prince Charles
  • Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana
  • Khalid Abdalla will play Dodi Fayed.

Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television are collaborating on The Crown – Season 5.


  • Michael Casey
  • Andy Stebbing
  • Martin Harrison
  • Oona O Beirn

Executive Producers

  • Peter Morgan
  • Suzanne Mackie
  • Stephen Daldry
  • Andy Harries
  • Benjamin Caron
  • Matthew Byam Shaw
  • Robert Fox
The Crown - Season 5 Netflix FREE
The Crown – Season 5 Netflix FREE

FAQ’s – The Crown – Season 5

Who could play the queen in The Crown season 5?

Imelda Staunton

Will they make Season 5 of The Crown?

The Crown Season 5 starts filming in July; production for the fifth season will kick off in July.

Will there be 5 or 6 seasons of The Crown?

Creator Peter Morgan had previously confirmed that season 5 would be the show’s last. In January of 2020.

What will Season 6 of The Crown cover?

The final season will have a lot to cover, as the ’90s saw Prince Andrew and Sarah Furguson’s divorce, Princess Anne’s split from Mark Phillips, and Princess Diana’s 1996 separation from Prince Charles.

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