Brazil Singer Naiara Azevedo announces end of the marriage

Singer Naiara Azevedo Announces End To Marriage

Singer Naiara Azevedo used Instagram on 27/08/2020 to inform fans and followers that she ended her marriage with businessman Rafael Cabral.

How Many Years of Marriage to Naiara Azevedo and Rafael Cabral

The two had been married for nearly five years. – (9 Years)

Brazil Singer Naiara Azevedo announces end of the marriage
Brazil Singer Naiara Azevedo announces end of the marriage

Naiara Azevedo

“There are no words to express the feeling of seeing a relationship come to an end.

However, there is a time when we need to look at ourselves and reframe some things. So it was nine years of mistakes and successes, pains and joys and much respect!

Moreover, it is in the name of this respect for each other that we decided, for now, to put an end to our relationship”, She said.

Naiara also spoke about the reasons for the end of the relationship and said she wishes good things from now on for her ex-husband.

“At some point, we fell apart in life as a couple, and it is not because marriage comes to an end that it did not work out.

For me, it worked; while it lasted, I have no regrets! Just gratitude for everything I have lived by your side.

I wish you all the happiness in the world”, – Naiara Azevedo

Brazil Singer Naiara Azevedo announces end of the marriage
Brazil Singer Naiara Azevedo announces end of the marriage

Rafael Cabral

Rafael Cabral also spoke about the breakup with the artist, declared that there was no fight before the separation, and was a decision taken together.

“In a super calm and respectful conversation, we understood that this would be the best path at the moment.

Even though there is love, we also want to see each other happy above all. So there is no fight, no disrespect, we just decided that way, in joint agreement”, he declared.

The manager tore up, praised the countryman and revealed that they would continue together professionally despite being separated.

“Naiara is a fantastic person, the woman I chose to spend the rest of my life with! However, at some point, the page jumped, and we lost the sequence.

I have already spoken a few times, and I will repeat it here: Naiara, I thank God for sending me at the same time of your existence; you are amazing!

Moreover, in case someone else already asks: but will they keep working together. Professionally nothing has changed, do not worry! Fly, my bixim”,

– Rafael Cabral

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