Sex Education Season 3

Sex Education Season 3 Trailer Is Now Available On Netflix – Watch Here!

Sex Education Season 3 trailer for the third season of Netflix‘s blockbuster series Sex Education is released.

Popular OTT platform Netflix has released the first trailer for their upcoming comedy series, Sex Education Season 3

The new season will bring back Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Gillian Anderson and others.

This year, Moordale Secondary School got a new headteacher, played by Girls star Jemima Kirke. She comes with one agenda–to fix the school’s sex-crazed teens.

Moordale is being dubbed the ‘sex school’ even in local media, and she has set out for an image clean-up. However, of course, the students are less than willing to support her.

The school’s resident sex therapist, Otis, is still not talking terms with his crush, Maeve. Otis has also refused to do anything about the new teacher being taken ‘backwards’.

However, Eric and his boyfriend Adam are finding out new facets to their relationship.

Adam has decided to make their relationship public, even if his jock friends try to make things difficult for him.

The plotline of Sex Education Season 3

  • Otis is having casual sex, Eric
  • Adam has made their relationship official
  • Jean has a baby on the way

Sex Education Season 3 Story

  • Laurie Nunn
  • Sophie Goodhart
  • Selina Lim
  • Mawaan Rizwan
  • Temi Wilkey
  • Alice Seabright
  • Jodie Mitchell

Director of Sex Education Season 3

  • Ben Taylor
  • Runyararo Mapfumo

Sex Education Season 3 cast

  • Otis – Asa Butterfield
  • Eric – Ncuti Gatwa
  • Jean – Gillian Anderson
  • Maeve – Emma Mackey
  • Aimee – Aimee Lou Wood
  • Adam – Connor Swindells
  • Mr Groff – Alistair Petrie

How many episodes in Sex Education Season 3

  • There are eight new episodes of Sex Education Season 3

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