Roki - Patati Patata feat Koffi Olomide & Rayvanny (Official Video)

Roki – Patati Patata, Koffi Olomide, Rayvanny


Rockford Josphats, better known as Roki, has collaborated with other African stars Koffi Olomide and Rayvannny. The long-awaited song, “Patati Patata,” was released by Passion Java records.

Roki – Patati Patata | Koffi Olomide | Rayvanny – Video

Rockford Josphats, known by his other name Roki, has released his long-awaited song “Patati Patata” in collaboration with fellow African musicians Koffi Olomide and Rayvannny.

Roki signed to Passion Java Records after a long hiatus from music, a transaction that sparked outrage and resurrected his dormant career.

Interview Roki

Roki explains why he opted to work with the great vocalist Kofi in a recent interview.

“Even though I had never met him, I had always felt like a clone of Kofi Olomide and recognized a lot of myself in him.

“From what I could tell, this man was more important than I was, and I had wanted to meet him, so finally meeting him was such a huge honor.

Sebene Ngwasuma

“In the 1990s, rumba music shifted from Kwassa Kwassa to Sebene Ngwasuma, and I listened to many of his songs around that period, which influenced me to write one of my biggest successes, Chidzoka,” Roki explained.

Roki, thrilled to meet and finally work with his revered role model, said the singer’s many effects overjoyed him. “He is that one person who colored the planet with his type of music. “It is an honor that I met and spent time with someone I see as a master and a father figure in the industry.

Passion Java

Boss Lashan, the Passion Java record label manager and Passion Java’s lieutenant, detailed the song’s meaning

“The song’s title is derived from the term ‘Et Patati Et Patata,’ which is an informal and sometimes amusing way of expressing someone who is talking too fast.

Dance Song

“This is a dance song that is all about having a good time, and it is for the people. Life is a finite resource. All should be able to enjoy themselves, and what better way to do it than through music?

“This one will undoubtedly get you up and running,” he said.
Lashan continued by explaining why Kofi and Rayvanny were included in the song.

“Roki had admired Kofi since he was a child, and he travelled to Prophet Passion Java to see him.

Prophet Passion Java

“Roki had admired Kofi since he was a child, and when he went to Prophet Passion Java, he joked that he would like to work with him, not realizing that Prophet Passion would make it happen.

“Kofi’s entire musical career has been an enormous success, and he is well-liked by both the young and the old in Zimbabwe and around the world.


“On the other side, Rayvanny is one of the best in East Africa, if not all of Africa.” He has 3 million YouTube subscribers and a sizable Instagram following, so we intend to put Zimbabwe on the map with all of those figures combined. The song is currently accessible in all digital retailers as well as on YouTube. This song is a bomb, and all three of them are pretty skilled.

“The video Patati Patata is out, and I am confident people will enjoy it,” he said.

Prime Music Partners

Also, Akeju, a director at Prime Music Partners, one of the song’s major distributors, has stated that Roki’s fast climb to fame did not surprise him, describing the Zimbabwean singer as “very remarkable.”


With his latest release, Roki, who is now working on a Chidzoka remix among other projects, should have a lot smoother ascension.

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