Kanhaiya In Unfiltered - Jay Shah's Merit Is, He is Amit Shah's Son

Kanhaiya Kumar In Unfiltered – Jay Shah’s Merit Is, His Father Name is Amit Shah

The latest Youtube channel named Unfiltered By Samdish is about to be viral for inviting Kanhaiya Kumar.

Since the release of the first episode trailer, the channel was the topic of discount amongst the netizens of India.

Today, the first episode of the trailer is released, and the various topics are discussed, but the interview is in the race to reach trending for home minister’s son Jay Shah’s remark by Kanhaiya Kumar.

In the interview:

Dr. Kanhaiya Kumar has said that the Merit of Jay Sha’s son is that his father’s name is Amit Shah.

Kanhaiya Kumar

Unfiltered By Samdish ft. Kanhaiya Kumar other topics discussed are as follows with the time stamp:

00:00 – 01:15 – Precap
01:16 – 04:35 – EK honest heart to heart aur aapke valid sawalon ke kuch jawab
04:36 – 06:43 – Unfiltered By Samdish ko like, share aur subscribe karo!
06:44 – 08:20 – Warming up with Dr. K
08:21 – 09:49- Hierarchy and workings of the Congress party
09:50- 11:47 – Who convinced Kanhaiya Kumar to join the Congress?
11:48 – 12:29 – Rahul Gandhi
12:30- 19:58 – Congress, its eras and baggage
19:59 – 23:01 Does joining Congress come with opulence?
23:02 – 25:19 – The importance of agreeing to disagree
25:20 – 27:54 Why being lazy is something only a few can afford
27:55 -29:12 – Why I will not give Kanhaiya Kumar my Netflix password
29:13 – 29:45 – Rahul Gandhi ji ka ghar
29:46 – 30:43 – Sonia Gandhi
30:44 -31:14 – Is Kanhaiya still a communist now?
31:15 – 39:03 – Can religion and state be kept neutral?
39:04 – 41:07 – Nepotism in different professions
41:08 – 42:45 – Kanhaiya Kumar takes offense kyunki unko meine apne shaadi mein nahi bulaya. oops.
42:46 – 44:37 – Kanhaiya ji aur unke maa ka rishta
44:38 – 46:37 – The role of oratory and performance in politics
46:38 – 54:24 – How to break through echo chambers?
54:25 – 56:32 – Ab kar bhi lo subscribe. Unfiltered By Samdish

You can watch the full episode of Kanhaiya Kumar.

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