3rd Patient Of Omicron Variant Found In India

3rd Patient Of Omicron Variant Found In India

In Gujarat, a person has been infected with a new variant of the corona, Omicron.

With this, the number of people infected with the new variant of corona in India has increased to three.

This person infected with Omicron came to Gujarat from Zimbabwe two days ago.

At present, he has been quarantined in the hospital.

According to the latest media reports, a 72-year-old person in Jamnagar, Gujarat, has been infected with the coronavirus’s Omicron variant.

3rd Patient Of Omicron Variant Found In India
3rd Patient Of Omicron Variant Found In India

Jai Prakash Shivhare

State Health Commissioner Jai Prakash Shivhare has confirmed this. Therefore, on Thursday, December 2, after the covid-19 test, the sample of the older person was sent for genome sequencing.

This older person has received both doses of the vaccine. So far, ten people have come in contact with him.

Samples of all these have been taken for investigation.

At present, everyone has been quarantined, and everyone’s report is awaited.

At the same time, the person infected with Omicron has been kept in isolation in a hospital in Jamnagar.

The good thing is that his condition is stable.

Including this new case from Gujarat, three cases of Omicron variants have been reported in the country.

Omicron In Karnataka

Earlier, two cases were reported from Karnataka. One of them is a South African citizen. Moreover, the other one is a doctor. The Karnataka government says that both the patients have been kept under the supervision of doctors.

However, shortly after the government’s claim, the Bengaluru Municipal Corporation issued a statement and made a shocking disclosure.

The Metropolitan Municipality claimed that this 66-year-old South African traveller who came to India on November 20 had left the country on November 27.

So far, a total of 266 people have come in contact with him, while in none of them, the corona has been confirmed.

The doctors found it infected with Omicron do not have any travel history. Corona has been confirmed in five people who came in contact with him.

However, whether these five people are infected with Omicron has not been confirmed.

Dr. Sanjeev

After being found infected with the new variant without travel history, questions are being raised as to how the doctors got infected. Regarding this, Dr. Sanjeev of AIIMS says:

There are many possibilities in this matter. The way the virus is changing its form, it is possible that this virus has been mutated in India, like South Africa and many countries. However, this can be confirmed only when the results of genome sequencing done in South Africa and other countries are matched with the results in India. It is difficult to say anything before that.

Dr. Sanjeev of AIIMS

He further explains that it is also possible that many people are suffering from this Omicron variant, but they do not have specific symptoms. He said:

It is also possible that many people are already suffering from this Omicron variant. However, their symptoms should not be very effective. Doctors may have been infected by coming in contact with such a person, as was the case during the first wave. Thousands of people were infected with many less symptomatic people.

Dr. Sanjeev of AIIMS

Dr. Sanjeev also says that unless a large population becomes a victim of this variant and some data and research information is not available from all over the world, it will be too early to say anything on this variant.

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